Hello welcome back to my powerful blog. I have been doing some wonderful things these past weeks. I want to talk about Writing, Lagginapes and Nanowrimo. Let’s dive into my past couple weeks. 

                  I first want to talk about Writing. Then Nanowrimo!  In Nanowrimo I have been improving my words every day. Nanowrimo Is a very good pathway that made me a better person in my writing areas! I have done some writing in connections too. I’ve explain nanowrimo but not connections so much, Connections is when you get in a group and you do reading and writing based on something. Also here is a link    Nanowrimo———->/www.nanowrimo.org. You are going to love this app. I have been busy so this some of my energy and thinking I can spend right now.. Anyways this is it. Hope you enjoyed.

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  Hello, its me again! I have been jotting down in my todo, what I want to write to you guys about my past 2 weeks. 

        Something my class has been doing is talking and reflecting on our read aloud book, Garvey’s choice! If you haven’t read this fiction and verse book you should! It is about a boy who is “fat” and gets bullied but realizes he isn’t fat, he’s Garvey. I love reading about people getting bullied it just caches my reading interest. Since we’re talking about books I would like to talk to you about the books I’m reading myself. The titles are called The Miscalculations of ligtning girl and Eleven https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/33004208-the-miscalculations-of-lightning-girl and    https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/tom-rogers/eleven-DRDigtVe/.  I think you will agree that these books are two of the best books ever! If your wondering what these books are about then you should click on the links and scroll down.


 Time for writing!!! You probably already know this one and if you haven’t you should go check out my 1rst ever blog to know something about it. The Nanowrimo challenge, https://www.nanowrimo.org/. What I plan on writing is a historical fiction, a Twin Tower book.. I’M SO EXCITED!! What else have I started is connections which is  also a reading writing pathway, I’m in a group where I can draw but I have to write. I have also worked on google slides with friends. P.S I’m making a play!! 


Something that has went fabulous this quarter so far in school is my amazing growth in reading. I used to pretty much like Ela subjects but Mrs.Harrod must have hypnotize me  or something because she is the teacher who change hate for reading to LOVE! She changed me as a learner and I appreciate her. Go check out her blog at Learning like never before. Sad to say it. But i’m done for now see you guys later. Don’t forget to ask questions! 

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                    Well hello my family and friends… This year I would like to share with you my learning. I have got to know one of the best versions of learning already and it is personalized learning. If your wondering what is personalize learning then you should either check out my all about me page or just stay tuned for my next blog to find out! Anyways What I learned this year was mostly about setting the foundation and Pathways. Setting the foundation is the beginning of personalized learning. It usually is when you have to “work for it”Like behaving and controlling our options we have.  We also don’t do the “traditional way of learning. For example we don’t use workbooks at all and we don’t have a desk. At all! My teacher has always said traditional learning isn’t the amazing way to teach. Here’s a couple questions… Do you use desk and workbooks? I don’t. Do you have to take a test every friday? I don’t.  Do you get to choose what you want to do That is school related like writing or reading? I do.


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Now let’s go down memory lane and see what I have done this far.  I have done so much awesome things that I can’t even remember… But I have remembered some things and would be glad to share them.  Some of the work I have done so far is 

  • We did A sticky note project…

My class also did a white board transition .(Which was really fun!)
This was one of my favorites…a whiplash  picture turning project.

5th grade ELA students also did Pathways. For example, some students are doing Nanowrimo. This is a really good way to improve your writing skills. Nanowrimo is practically a competition that you wanna make a story with tons of words and they keep track. If you reach your goal (of words) you get a badge if you do badges.?
It was so much fun making this blog post and I hope you enjoyed it. Comment some questions and I will answer. Bye!

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